About On The Other Hand (Otheohand)

On The Other Hand, also known as Otheohand, is established and inspired by her first born in 2020. 

Otheohand lends its origins from the desire to be organized and comfortable. 

We often find ourselves lugging along extra tote bags and ransacking everything inside just to find a pack of tissue or our phones.

Our solution, on the other hand, is to present you with accessories that is lightweight (easy on your shoulders) and helps organize your things in the perfect way you want it so you can say goodbye to the ransacking and aching shoulders.

“Theo” means gift of God. Our first born (inspiration for Otheohand) was a gift from God and as cliche as it may be, we hope that our products will also be a gift of God to you and your loved ones.

Thank you for journeying and shopping with us! 

*All products are curated and designed by Yours Truly*

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